The Montessori-Life Team


Candice Ungerer

Candice is a very special and experienced teacher, one of our longest-serving members of the Montessori Life teaching team. Candice has been teaching for 20 years and we met while completing our Teaching Practice time.

Here are a few words from Candice, " I am passionate about teaching and have been teaching at Montessori Life for 11 years. I love to inspire creative thinking in children and feel blessed to work with little ones."


Maureen Mhlongo

Maureen Mhlongo, affectionately known as "Gogo" is our special longest serving Montessori Life Team Member. Gogo has been an assistant at Montessori Life since its inception in 2006.

Her special talent is settling in all our newbies. There is'nt a child that Gogo cant soothe and settle and she is everybody's favourite.


Jodi Mondriaan

Jodi has been part of our Montessori Life teaching team for 10 years and has been teaching for 16 years. "I delight in seeing children develop new interests, I especially like sharing knowledge on our world, I am a recycling junkie and my class is always busy with recycled crafts"

Jodi's greatest strength is setting up beautiful Montessori activities for our children.


Charlotte Geach

Charlotte has been part of our teaching team for 9 years. She is super-passionate about our natural world and loves to garden. She delights in involving the children in garden tasks in our Sensorial garden. Charlotte is a much loved story teller and keeps the children enthralled during Story Time.

Charlotte says: "Teaching is a privilege; as while helping children learn I learn myself and in this way each day becomes a day of shared new discoveries."


Jabu Ngwane

Jabu has been with Montessori Life from very early days, she used to help at our holiday clubs while still a student herself. Jabu is an assistant in the Toddler group and she is every little person's "best friend". Jabu is serene, gentle and kind and a brilliant asset to our school.


Dominique Charneca

Dominique is our Toddler group teacher, she has 11 years of teaching experience under her belt. She has been a member of our team for 4 years and is every toddler's "other mommy".

"Every child is like a seed and with the right love and care will grow up to be a beautiful flower." says Dominique.


Carla Famezoo

Carla is the Turtle Group Directress and in her words: " My life is governed by for people and calling is to provide the environment in which children can blossom into the special boys and girls they were born to be".


Cristine Loubser

This is my twin sister! She joins our teaching team this year. The children are quite delighted and have dubbed her: "Nicky 2". In Cristine's own words: "I am super-excited to join the family".

Thandeka Mhlongo 
Thandeka is the Penguin Group Assistant. She is a talented singer and keeps a serene and happy class, she loves her work and is sure to study Montessori Teaching soon. Thandeka has been with Montessori Life for over a decade and we value her contribution to our school.

Nellie Mthimkhulu

Nellie is our Arrival Assistant who greets the children at the gate and walks them to class. She is super-friendly and indispensable in this responsibility. Then she helps out in other classes, especially our Toddler group. Nellie is studying towards a Higher Certificate in Montessori and ECD and has almost finished her qualification. We are very proud of her.