Our Facilities

A level garden with well established shade trees houses our adventure playground, and a range of playground equipment offers many varied opportunities for physical play. Play is an important activity for children’s physical and cognitive development and we encourage healthy outdoor activity – particularly as it assists with cementing all they learn and is therefore a vital element for the well rounded development of children.

Beautiful indoor spaces with lots of natural light provide a welcoming environment which is prepared just for our children and to support their unique developmental needs. They are able to choose from a wide range of Montessori learning materials specifically designed to assist them in the exploration of new ideas. Many of these materials provide our children with direct and indirect experience in the fields of mathematics, reading, science, music and a range of crucial practical life skills. Learning materials are regularly changed to ensure the environment remains stimulating and inviting.

Our Sensorial Garden provides a wonderful outdoor learning space for our little ones – and true to its name it’s a sensory delight, planted with herbs and soft ground covers whilst smoothed river rocks and pebbles add to the sensory experience underfoot. Sensorial gardens are important developmental environments for children during their foundational and formative years and we’re privileged to be able to offer this beautiful space to our little ones. Lessons, circle times and birthday rings are held in this Garden where our little ones also learn to care for the plants.

Take a moment and click on this link, “The Sensorial Garden – a Photographic History” (pdf, 5mb) to explore our 10th Anniversary Project which culminated in the successful creation of our beautiful Sensorial Garden – a green space and significant part of the School’s history.