With Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday this year we decided to celebrate this special day of love a little earlier … so Friday the 12th of February saw our children & teaching team dressing in traditional  Valentine red. We decorated the tree at our entrance gate with hearts and ribbons and it features in quite a few of the photos in this post.  Our Montessori Families, as kind and generous as ever,  donated slabs of chocolate & one of our Dad’s even provided many small bottles of personal hand sanitizer.  Our children then wrapped these items into gift parcels which they had so much fun decorating –  as well as attaching a hand-drawn “Happy Valentine's” card. Our gift parcels were delivered to Mothwa Haven  Old Age Home later on Friday morning. Needless to say, the elderly folk at Mothwa Haven were so very touched by this act of kindness from our  Montessori families.